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BE INSPIRED  Life can be full of challenges. No one is immune from everyday struggles that will inevitably come your way in this world. Life’s struggles do not give notice, they show up unannounced. It is not if, but whenyou will face challenging situations as you navigate your earthly journey. It is imperative you are well prepared to face and overcome whatever life throws at you at any time. Furthermore, in order to make any meaningful impact in your undertaking in life, you may be required to go the extra mile. Whether going the extra mile comes naturally to you or otherwise, everyone needs some leading throughout the journey of life.       With the increasing tension in different parts of the world and the economic downturn in recent times, the need to be inspired by the truth in the Word of God has never been clearer than now. So, dear reader, take a deep breath. Whatever your situation may be, your best is yet to come. You are in for a season of lifting as you fasten your seat-belt and prayerfully study this book and do what God directs you to do. Lay hold on your testimony. May you be blessed as you read in Jesus’ name.  Available as eBook and hard copy from,,·